Contractors are required to bring their own weapons, equipment and supplies

Costa Contract/ANTIOCH CA

Uniform Requirements
Tan camo shirts/tops with matching or brown colored pants

or UCP/ACU, ABU, MultiCam and A-tacs FG or AU. 

Vest color any type may be worn, except black

Age Restrictions
Mature players over 16 and over. Players 13-15 may attend if accompanied by a playing adult

Weapons FPS Limits 

• ≤350fps (.20g BB's) guns may be used anywhere in the arena
• ≤400fps (.20g BB's) guns may only be used outside of buildings. Players entering a building, must switch to a pistol

Required Equipment
• Semi-Auto capable weapons only (there will be no full-auto fire)
• A spare weapon or sidearm firing ≤350fps
• Full-retention ANSI cert eyewear (no mesh unless combined with secondary eye protection)
• Full or Lower Face Mask (mesh, plastic or neoprene). Cloth masks such as balaclavas will not be acceptable
• Red 'dead' rag
• Hydration
• Boots (sturdy and ankle high)
• Watch/Timepiece
• Pen or marker

For comprehensive information see the official Facebook Page

For more information about the event and ask questions to staff join the Tantalum 6 Facebook page: 

• 500fps w/.25g Limit for bolt-action sniper rifles (100ft safety distance)
• 400fps w/.25g Limit for all other guns
• ROF limit 30rps
• MidCap magazines recommended
• Box magazines are only allowed on realistic replicas of Squad Automatic Weapons systems (eg. M249, RPK, etc.) 
• HiCap magazines may be used following Phridum's HiCap Rule
• Full seal goggles ANSI Z87.1 rated with elastic retention (no shooting glasses or mesh goggles permitted)
• Face and Ear protection required of ALL PLAYERS:
-Under 18: Hard masks required (mesh mask or plastic)
- Over 18: Cloth or Hard masks required (balaclava, shemagh, bandana, neoprene, mesh, or plastic) 
• Red Rag
• Hydration
• Food/Rations
• FRS/GMRS Radio

Strongly recommended that you bring a Digital camera, VideoCam, or Smart-phone with video capability